Top 10 Best Pick Up Lines to Impress a Girl

Top 10 Best Pick Up Lines to Impress a Girl

Killer pick up lines: I have a crush on you; I have had a crush on you for the past like…”like a minute or something”, I walked in here and I saw you and immediately fell in love.

Simple pick up lines: ‘I searched on Google to show me pick up lines. But I can’t find any of them suitable to impress you. So, I decided to go with the sound of my heart’.

Cute pick up lines to impress her I am so shy about picking any girl. I can’t say romantic pick-up lines and also I can’t play games to impress girls. But I can promise you to end up every time with the craziest conversation about stupid things. I think you will enjoy it at every moment.

mpressive pick up lines: I don’t want to be a lady’s man. I don’t have any idea about how to play with real love. But I must deserve someone pretty and amazing like you. Can we have a cup of coffee together?

Flirting lines to impress a girl: I always find words to describe your beauty. Maybe no word hasn’t even been invented to compare with your beauty. Can I get a chance to admire it in the future also?

Sweet pick up lines: I don’t want to impress you with a swanky car. I am not flashy like others and I also don’t find myself as a smart talker. But I will love to enjoy every cute conversation from my heart with only you. Can you go out with me?

Most adorable pick up lines: There is magic, fairy tales, destiny, and love in the world. I am looking for those magics that can convince you to go for a cup of coffee with me. Can you help me?

Evergreen pick up lines: I memorized some best pick-up lines to impress a girl. I decided to tell those in front of you. But the moment I looked into your eyes, I forgot all these. Now thinking ‘how gorgeous anyone could be’.

Romantic pick up lines: I can only imagine one thing when I look at you. We are sitting on the bench and watching the sunrise to the sunset together. After that, spend the night watching the glittering stars.

Heart touching pick-up lines: “I always asked my mom, when I will get my dream girl? But after saw you when I will go back home, I will tell my mom, I found her”.