Genie Bouchard is a beaut: tennis star bowled fans over in a hot photoshoot

Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard is known for her tennis skills as well as her beauty. 

Bouchard enjoys a massive fan following on the internet. She us currently playing in the Chennai 

Open in India and have moved into quater-finals already. 

A series of injury kept her on the sidelines and she is now slowly beginning to make her mark on the tennis circuit. 

Here we revisit some of the hot photoshoots she has been part of.  

The Canadian superstar raises the heat in this bikini shoot. 

Bouchard loves her boat rides and a vacation to the beaches, which is reflective in this photo.

Genie Bouchard is among the most beautiful and hottest female tennis stars ...

.. going around in the world and this picture is a testimony to the same

Genie raises the heat with one more amazing photo. Her Instagram is filled with such amazing pictures of her.

Genie Bouchard loves the colour white and here she is donning the same colour and looking straight out of the heaven.

Here's a smiling Genie Bouchard for you, posing for the cameras. 

The tennis star recently went on a social media sharing spree as soon as Roger Federer retires. 

She is a huge Roger fan and did not shy away from sharing some memorable pics with the legend.