Asia News: Three Indians including Adani in the list of Philanthropic Heroes of Asia

Asia News: SINGAPORE: Indian billionaire industrialists Gautam Adani, Shiv Nadar, and Ashok Soota, as well as Malaysian-Indian businessman Brahmal Vasudevan and his lawyer wife Shanti Kandia, have been included in Forbes Asia’s charity heroes list. The 16th edition of the list of Charity Heroes of Asia was released here on Tuesday.

Asia News

Asia News

Forbes said in a statement that this list, without any ranking, includes people leading philanthropic work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Adani has committed to spending Rs 60,000 crore ($7.7 billion) on charitable causes when he turns 60 in June this year. After this, he has been included in this list. With this, he has become India’s leading philanthropist.

This money will be spent on healthcare, education, and skill development. This amount will be spent on charitable works through Adani Foundation. Adani Foundation was formed in 1996.

Every year this foundation helps 37 lakh people in India.

Asia News

Shiv Nadar, who became a billionaire through his hard work, is counted among the leading donors of the country. Through the Shiv Nadar Foundation, he has invested one billion dollars in charitable works over a decade.

This year he has donated Rs 11,600 crore ($142 million) to the foundation. This foundation was established in 1994. Nadar co-founded HCL Technologies. He has established many educational institutions like schools and universities with the help of the foundation.

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Technology giant Ashok Soota has committed Rs 600 crore ($75 million) to a trust for medical research. He formed this trust in 2021.

Malaysian-Indian Brahmal Vasudevan, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Kuala Lumpur-based private equity firm Creed, and his advocate wife Shanti Kandia support local communities in Malaysia and India through the Creeder Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that was co-founded in 2018.

Asia News

In May this year, he committed 50 million Malaysian ringgit ($11 million) to build a teaching hospital. Vasudevan said, “We are happy that more people are also coming forward with us in this work. Now the full funding for the project has been secured.

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