Bella Hadid Once Wore A hot Silver Chain Dress While Parading Her Toned AF Body & It Reminded Us Why She Is A Tru-Blue Fashionista!

Bella Hadid didn’t have to make our hearts throb the way they did when she debuted her red carpet look at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But she did because Bella is a true fashionista. Recently, she made a lot of noise over the spray paint dress at the Paris Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid Once Wore A hot Silver Chain Dress

Bella Hadid

During the Coperni show, Bella stepped on the runway without any clothes. A stunning dress was spray painted on her right then and there, breaking all boundaries of fashion technology. The moment went viral all over social media and will be remembered as one of the most iconic ones from the fashion show.

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Bella Hadid

Coming back to the point, back in 2018, Bella Hadid walked the red carpet of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after the show ended. While she set fire on the runway, the younger Hadid sister also raised the temperatures in a Julien Macdonald halter-neck dress. Made with silver chains, the dress flaunted most of her toned body.

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Bella Hadid

It had a plunging neckline, and her side b**bs were visible, and so was her midriff. The delicate piece worn by Bella Hadid had a thigh-high slit that boasted her hot long legs. Though we believe that anyone can wear anything if they want to, it was Bella who brought a whole other vibe in that dress. She wore it with such confidence, and each step she took in the silver pumps was exuberant.

She accompanied the attire with a small silver pouch, delicate jewelry, and mesmerising emerald earrings. But it was the shimmery dress that did most of the talking. Hadid kept her hair in a sleek pony, and her face was covered in nude makeup.

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