Constipation Treatment: 4 Foods to Include in Your Diet to Ease Bowel Movements

Constipation Treatment: Chronic constipation is characterized by irregular bowel motions or trouble passing stools that lasts for a few weeks or more. People who are chronically constipated could also strain too much to pass a bowel movement. Constipation can have a number of causes, but most frequently arises from the digestive system’s inability to process food quickly enough. This could be brought on by dehydration, a bad diet, drugs, illness, nervous system problems, or mental issues. Ayurveda expert reveals that constipation is the most common symptom seen in so many patients, along with another disease!

Constipation Treatment

Constipation Treatment

Gut Health Tips: From Spicy Food to Unhealthy Bowel Movements, 8 Causes of Unhealthy Gut

Thankfully, some meals can promote regular bowel movements by increasing stool frequency and adding weight to the stool, softening it, and speeding up gut transit.


1. Ginger
The most important spice is Ginger, from better digestion to relieving constipation it works amazingly! You can use ginger with adding food and ginger tea in the morning.

Constipation Treatment

2. Apples
The fruit’s high water content makes it easy to digest and helps avoid constipation in the long run. Additionally, apples are high in soluble fibre, which softens the stool.

3. Figs And Black Raisins
Add figs and black raisins to your diet, better to soak it overnight and have this superfood in the morning, these both have a good amount of dietary fibre and carbs that are necessary for a healthy gut.

4. Millet
Add jowar is highly recommended for your healthy gut, it’s Gluten Free, high in protein, micronutrients, iron and many more, finest for your gut, Jowar roti with cow ghee is the most reason to add to your diet if you have indigestion and constipation issues! And stay away from wheat and maida.

Constipation Treatment

Additional Tip: Drinking warm water works wonders for your gut, it improves digestion and removes toxins from your body and does many more! You can drink lukewarm water in the morning and at night works best to relieve constipation. Include these food items in your diet to ease bowel movements!

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