Millionaire Pigeon: 200 million land and 300k bank balance

Millionaire Pigeon:  Would you believe that pigeons flying in the open sky can be millionaires? It may sound a bit strange to you to hear this, but it is true. There are some pigeons in the world who are millionaires.

Millionaire Pigeon

Millionaire Pigeon

These are the richest pigeons in the world. The names of these pigeons are about 366 bighas of land, which is worth more than 200 million.

There are also 300 k bank balances, houses, and shops in the name of these pigeons. There are also income tax numbers.

There are also tenants of pigeons. From the income of their rent and land, works related to religion are done.

These millionaires live in the town of Asop, 90 km from the city of Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

It is said that during the princely period some rich people of Asop who had no heirs, had written their land in the name of pigeons.

Millionaire Pigeon

A trust has also been formed for the care of these pigeons, which keeps account of the entire income and expenditure.

The trust itself gives this land on rent every year for cultivation. The proceeds are used to buy feed and water for the pigeons.

In UCO Bank, an amount of more than 300k  is deposited in the name of pigeons.

Hanuman Chaudhary, the secretary of the organization that takes care of these pigeons, says that this is probably the only case in the country where pigeons are the owners of property worth millions. Proper care of pigeons is taken care of.

Millionaire Pigeon

According to villager Dharamchand Jain, it may sound strange to hear pigeons being millionaires, but it is true that Asop’s pigeons are millionaires.

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